From Laila

I only have wonderful things to say about Global Kids Preschool, its amazing director, and top notch teachers! Like the 1st review, we had an awful experience with the 1st daycare we tried (a big franchise); our 18 month old daughter kept getting sick and ended up in the hospital. I would find her crying at the end of the day more often than not. The promise of quality care for our child, based on the high tuition we were paying and all the touting, was not at all the reality. On the other hand, GK Preschool is everything I hoped for in a daycare and more! It is absolutely phenomenal and I am so pleased! Every single teacher is attentive, kind, and invested in every child. The curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia approach, which I WISH could be implemented at higher education levels too - it's that effective! My daughter is now thriving, and excited every time we 'go to school', and she never wants to leave at the end of the day. I'm grateful beyond words!! I highly recommend this daycare to anyone that has a child.

From Tracie

Every teacher and the director is friendly, loving, and truly invested in the children's education. I have never worried about my son's safety at GKPS. Every teacher knows every child and their family and the director is easily accessible if we have any questions. The student to teacher ratio is very low and I feel that our son gets plenty of individualized attention. 
We found GKPS to be very affordable and flexible with our schedule. Do not hesitate to take a tour and meet the staff!

From Elizabeth

I love our daycare! I always feel great about leaving my kiddos with their teacher.  Great learning environment! Super clean and organized.

From Julie

I am one of the owners of Soul Strong Yoga, and we are honored to provide Global Kids Preschool with weekly children’s yoga classes. Prior to opening Soul Strong, I studied early childhood education at Stanford University and worked as a teacher and teacher educator.

I was so happy to discover Global Kids Preschool and to get to know Tessa, the director, better! What a fabulous school to have in Round Rock! Tessa has created a beautiful, developmentally appropriate, safe space for young children to explore, learn, and create! Tessa has hired a great team of teachers, who provide children with a sense of acceptance, safety, and a space to have some fun. The teachers I’ve seen are fully attentive to the needs of each child and are dedicated to their education and well-being. Global Kids Preschool is a treasure, and it’s no surprise that the school has grown so quickly in just such a short period of time since its recent opening.

From Genefey

I cannot be more thankful to have found Tessa. She is the most wonderful, kind and caring person. I was on maternity leave frantically researching daycare for our son. In my research I was starting to get nervous and frustrated because I did not find a lot of options for my son who would be 3 months old when we put him into daycare for the first time. I found Global Kids Preschool through Tessa responded to my inquiry pretty quickly. I was able to schedule an appointment to meet her and check out her in home daycare.

When we met Tessa I instantly felt so comfortable. She has so much experience in child care and you really tell that she genuinely cares and enjoys children. Her son is also a part of the daycare. That makes me feel reassured that our little guy would be cared for. Since it is just her she is only able to take 4 children including her son. This is nice because they are a tight knit group of kids and they all get along so well.

We are lucky that she is conveniently located to us so it makes it easy for us to drop off on the way to work and pick up on the way home. I like that she will text me updates or questions through out the day if and when necessary. I can always text her as well if I want to check in. Her facility is so clean and a wonderful place for kids to hangout and thrive. I couldn't be more happy with Global Kids Preschool.

From Priyatham

As new parents finding a good daycare for our 1 year old was the toughest thing we had to do. We wanted a place that can give her personalized attention and is safe and secure. Global kids daycare is all of that and much more.

Tessa is an experienced care taker, she understands that each child is different and approaches them in a unique way which is most beneficial for that child. She is very organized, is on top of things and fun to be around. She invents these funny games and creates an environment where children genuinely enjoy each other's company while learning foundational skills that will serve them in the future. I would say the highlights of this day care are:

- personalized attention to each child.
- fun environment where children can explore and learn new things.
- lots of activities like book readings, playtime, etc. My daughter even did a little ball dance one day.
- very thorough with all the safety measures and precautions. You can be at peace knowing your child is in good hands.
- communicates well with parents, parents get daily reports on activities of the day, food etc. Sometimes along with great pictures and videos that make you smile.
- well organized, is on top of things, the experience shows.
- Extremely caring.

More than a school, it has become kind of a second home for our daughter which is more than what you can hope with any day care.

From Lisette

My family found Tessa and used her for flexible care for our 3 month old son. We quickly fell in love with the teachers,environment,kids, and the structure. Any working mom knows how important it is to have your baby/kids in a safe and loving environment. Tessa and Elizabeth truly love and care for my son as their own and that means the world to me. Tessa always will send me little texts with updates and pictures throughout the day which really makes my day.
I dropped my baby off this morning and when he woke up and saw Elizabeth's face he lit up with the biggest smile and I can not even explain the amazing feeling I felt that he was so happy and felt so loved. They are truly amazing and have made the transition back to work so much easier. Thank you ladies!

From Cindy

I don't normally write reviews but really wanted to give my feedback for the Global Kids Preschool which is owned and operated by Tessa Fujimoto. I recently had the opportunity to visit and observe this preschool. Tessa's years of experience in daycare, including as a daycare director, are quite obvious. You can see it in the organization, the cleanliness, the age appropriate activities and toys and the detailed record keeping for each child. But what really stood out to me was Tessa's love for the children. She knows each child's schedule and individual needs (how they take their bottle, what they need to fall asleep for their nap, etc.). She plans age appropriate activities, she reads to them constantly and there is no TV watching.The children just gravitate to her. She encourages and delights in each child's accomplishments whether it is holding a spoon or taking the first steps.

It is such a huge decision to select a daycare provider for a vulnerable infant or toddler. If you want to know your child is loved and well taken care of, I would encourage you to visit Global Kids Preschool and meet Tessa and her son, Leo. Leo just radiates the love, care and nurturing he has received and that your young child will be provided at Global Kids Preschool.



From Ciara

I moved to Texas back in July and shortly after found a job. I felt the pressure of searching for the perfect place for my son to go while I worked. I went to many different schools and found most schools only offered full time care for infants under 12 months and I only work part time. When I read about Global Kids Preschool offering flexible care options, I knew I wanted a tour. Tessa is the owner/founder/provider of this quaint and lovely in-home school. Upon meeting her, I felt immediately comfortable. She has loads of child care experience and she is very patient and kind natured. I knew instantly I could trust leaving my 9 month old with her. I loved how personable Tessa is and the loving, safe, and nurturing environment she provides for my son. I am very blessed to have found such a wonderful place for my child to learn and grow.

From Racheal

I absolutely love Global Kids Preschool. Tessa has an extensive background in childcare and is very knowledgeable. She's amazing with my baby girl and I love how genuine she is. I can tell when I pick up my little one Tessa sincerely enjoyed watching my baby and it puts me at ease, especially for a new mom going back to work. She is very flexible and really makes the transition of going back to work so much less stressful. I would highly recommend!!